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Hello everybody, my name is Nancy and Im 26 years old. I want to ask you guys why my boyfriend follow many big breasted teen girls and even women on Instagram? I mean, it seems he is only interested on females with big boobs. The problem is that my breast are kinda small. What should I do to get his attention? If you ask me, I think he is jerk and I find his conduct of to search and watch ‘Instagram Big Boobs’ very immature..

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Instagram Big Boobs
Instagram Big Boobs

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Now I also found my bf is actually texting most of these big tits women asking them naked selfies. I think he is trying to fuck girls before our marriage because he likes girls with big tits. You guys can see many of these sluts photos below.

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I feel very insecure about this now so hope these girls get exposed. I never bothered looking at boys with big cocks or things like that so why he is doing this to me? I know he watch instagram big boobs pics and videos because mostly he wants lust and eye candy but how can I know if he will cheat on me?

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I find these girls below tacky. fat and ugly but If it’s just to watch its okay, as long he never cheat on me with a big titted girl, not a big deal. There is nothing abnormal about this. I’m sure he likes seeing big breast photos but why he chat with them.

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Big Boobs Instagram Porn Video IGTV

There is no girls who likes nude selfie photos of other women, right? I see high chances to find more big tits pics and huge boobs videos of other girls on his iphone, you know what I mean?

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After all, its just a question of values, right? It’s probably the best to have a face to face discussion about this with him but it seems he doesn’t care. It’s absolutely normal that men have sexy pictures of their ex girlfriends but why must be full nude? I mean, teens showing her tits, ass and even open legs pussy?

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Homemade Teen Showing Boobs – Instagram

Now I consider breaking up with him. It’s amazing how guys just acts in these cases. Were you be worried if this naked selfies with big tits girls ever occurred? If you were present?

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Why guys are mad about being hit in the face by a big natural pair of large breasts? I want to know what does it feel like having big breasts? You know that a girl with big breasted can be called to fuck if I want. I knew them on snapchat but we now talk on instagram. Melany is a great lover and he was 28J cup at age 18. Guys, 28J = really big tits. Two big pomelo fruits *watch my ex gf tits pics below and comment if she is hot or not* Most girls with a larger cup gets more likes. I use to go with her to Victoria’s Secret store to buy him sexy bras in their huge tits size and we run to a motel to fuck.

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And I have another slut that I fuck, her tits are okay and natural but not that big and she never sends me tits selfies so I buy her $12 bras at Target and I put them inside the Victoria Secret’s bag that I used for the another hot girl with bigger breast.

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Online shopping also saves me time and money. Im here to fuck so who cares what she thinks as long her legs are open. Larger busted ladies can not live braless. Having big breasts makes girls buy sexier clothes. These bras are more expensive as the size increases.

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Also, my body doesn’t look splendid in a turtleneck, and I’m consistently cautious about how they are looking. I cannot look at my belly because of big tits I carry. I can’t look down and check how things are there. I have a constant back pain, and I can’t do anything about it at all. There is a constant pain in my shoulder if I don’t wear a right bra to outing and it later results in pain and marks on the shoulder. Instagram Big Boobs, instagram tits, big tits, boobs, breast, teen tits, watch tits, snapchat tits, big boobs pics, ex gf tits, tits selfies

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People who will suggest Breast reduction surgery, it is extremely expensive and requires many diagnoses before undergoing the knife, and it always leaves marks. Keeping Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain aside or even marks it causes and rashes one get because of having big breasts it has a psychological effect too.

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